Ring of Kerry Beach


Island Color

Bad weather can present great pictures. This shot of the 3rd hole at The Mid Ocean Club in Tuckers Town Bermuda is a good example. The contrasting colors of greens and blues with the red flag is champaign for the eyes. Great island color but tough golf. The par 3 third hole is fully exposed […]

Golf Heaven

Playing golf can sometimes be a living Hell, but given the right weather conditions, it can be Golf Heaven. Forget that double bogey you just made and look over there and take in the view. If you are in the mountains or by the ocean, the weather can make your golf round very special. Not […]

Florida Sunsets

One thing about living in Florida, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular time and time again. The multiple shades of reds, oranges and purples can be present in one setting. Having your camera ready to go is a necessity because you can go from an epic color and formation to a mediocre photo. Wake up […]

Colors of Montana

Montana has such a diverse ecosystem and weather variety. These two attributes make Montana a playground for photographers. In the following photograph, the shades of brown leading to the deep blue sky give a feeling of satisfaction. Montana is also so expansive, you can go to different environments for photos but it takes you a […]

Deer At Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are a great time to catch wildlife photography. If you can capture a stunning sunset with a herd of deer to boot, that’s lucking out. Cloud formations and red skies at night are a photographers delight. This photograph was taken in Weston, Vermont on scenic route 100. I have taken dozens of […]

Weather Photos Rock

I am always looking for a photo that can take your breath away. Mother Nature is always there to give. I love looking out the window when a storm approaches because I know there may be a photo opp. When weather descends it can be epic. The originality of a weather event can never be […]

Love Golf Landscape

This post is a combination of two of my favorite photographic subjects. A golf course and a mountainous landscape. This photograph set in Vermont is a mixture of a gorgeous golf hole and the backdrop of a mountain in Manchester, Vermont. The mountain is Mt. Equinox and the golf hole is the 16th hole at […]

Florida at it’s best!

Weather gives so many opportunities for stunning photography. Between cloud formations sun rise and sun sets you have a picture opportunity every day in Florida. Don’t miss your chance today!

Harbor Island

Harbor Island Scene Harbor Island in the Bahamas is a short boat ride from Eleuthera. it has a quaint town and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. it also has incredible sunsets and sunrises. Harbor Island is truly a magical place that shouldn’t be missed.

WebTeck Photography for over 50 years

I started with a Kodak Instamatic over 50 years ago and saved enough money to buy my first Single Lens Reflex camera, a used Yashica. I was mostly using Kodachrome and Ektachrome slide film because it was inexpensive to develop. I was lucky enough to have a career with Polaroid Corporation in their Electronic Imaging […]

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