Ring of Kerry Beach

WebTeck Photography for over 50 years

I started with a Kodak Instamatic over 50 years ago and saved enough money to buy my first Single Lens Reflex camera, a used Yashica. I was mostly using Kodachrome and Ektachrome slide film because it was inexpensive to develop.

I was lucky enough to have a career with Polaroid Corporation in their Electronic Imaging Division selling Color Film Recorders. The combination of using your computer graphics capability and instant slide film made that tool a presentation gem. I marketed that package to anyone who presented often, mostly doctors and large corporations.

Now with the digital cameras and the smartphones with fantastic quality imaging capability, it makes it easier than ever to produce fantastic photography. This site is dedicated to share my photographs and mess around with this Web site. WordPress makes it easy and fun to create a blog and show my pictures. I hope you enjoy!

  • golf, bermuda, the mid ocean club
  • Golf,Okemo,Ludlow,Vermont
  • Montana Mountains
  • San Juan Mountains Colorado
  • Tom's Thumb Trailhead Scottsdale Arizona
  • St. Lucia Beach
  • Deer at Sunset
  • Hobe Sound Florida Shelf Cloud
  • Sunset on Eluthera

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